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Rare Rolex Space Dweller - Vintage 1963 Rolex Explorer 1016

Title: Rare Rolex Space Dweller - Vintage 1963 Rolex Explorer 1016
Description: If you are collector of fine Rolex watches this is the ultimate Explorer. The watch was purchased in 1963 at the navy base exchange for $106. The watches reference number is 1016 with a serial number of 90xxxx, which correct to the 1963 sale receipt. Coincidentally the very rare Rolex Explorer "Space Dwellers" were produced in 1963 as well. The dial on this watch is a guild dial with railroad track minute ring, and exclamation point under the 6 oclock marker.
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Joey Schmitt - 953 days ago ago : This is an awesome video simply because of the rarity of this watch. The Explorer was chosen to commemorate the astronauts' in 1963 because they were (at the time) considered the world's greatest explorers. Rolex produced the Rolex Space Dweller to honor

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